Thursday, March 16, 2017

Highlights from #TheIdesOfTrump

This March 15 wasn't just "The Ides of March."  Instead, one group of grassroots organizers took it upon themselves to dub March 15, 2017 "The Ides of Trump," in which people all over the world took a cue from the Women's March and sent a flood of postcards to The White House to express opposition to President Donald Trump's various policies since taking office.

Through the hashtag #TheIdesOfTrump, everyone got to see the diverse (and plentiful) amount of postcards that were being sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  In honor of this effort, we chose some of our favorite photos of #TheIdesOfTrump.

Bummed that you forgot to send a postcard to 45?  Send one now anyway!  If he can delay releasing his tax returns, you can be a day or two late with your postcard.

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