Monday, March 9, 2015

Global Attacks On Girl's Education

In recent times, international attacks on school girls have witnessed a terrifying increase, becoming a leading topic of global news. Unfortunately, the educational rights of girls and women are too often denied because this basic hum a right challenges the traditional gendered norms, which are rooted deeply into many cultures. The very act of a girl saying "no" to oppression and fighting for the control of her own life has influenced attacks in at least 70 different countries between 2008 and 20014 (Feminist Newswire). Clearly these violent acts against education, targeted primarily towards innocent girls, are not a coincidence.

As a result of fighting for their inherent right to an education, girls are becoming the victims of an unbelievable injustice. For instance, the crimes against Malala Yousafzai, Boko Haram's kidnapping of nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, and acid attacks in Afghanistan are still incredibly fresh in our minds and hearts (Feminist Newswire). Turning a blind eye, choosing to believe that it will simply go away is not the answer to truly creating a change. Across the globe, even in developed nations like the US, girls are facing discrimination and acts of sexual assault in schools, decreasing their perceptions of self-worth. Furthermore, there is also a strong link between denying girls of education and child marriage, early pregnancy, and gendered based violence. Through a vicious continuation of inequality, young girls are kept subordinate to men and the patriarchal system. Yes, this is an alarming cycle full of terrible practices and actions however hope still exists. Giving girls their human right to education, is what many consider an answer to breaking these detrimental cycles, including global poverty. 

We encourage you to join this movement, help to spread awareness, and break the silence of girls who deserve to be heard. It is important to understand that by educating girls, supporting the equality of their rights, will ultimately pave the way to a brighter future - not only for them, but their families, and communities as well. Organizations like Girl Rising and UN Women, and Half the Sky are engaging people from all walks of life, expressing that this movement is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Sparking one ember of hope can burst into a flame that will thrive and create a lasting impact on our world. 

Written by: Myranda Rees, Intern - NOW Oakland/Macomb Chapter

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