Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly news roundup

"Apparently America's nuns are being way too lenient on gay rights, abortion, and women's ordination--which is why the Vatican reprimanded and ordered disciplinary action against the largest group and most influential group of Catholic nuns in the United States on Wednesday. The other offenses that the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents most of the 55,000 Catholic nuns in the United States, has, in the Vatican's eyes, committed are "radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith" and supporting Obama's health care overhaul."

(Vatican Criticizes U.S. Nuns for Being Too Progressive)


"Trans feminism is not a conundrum. Rather, it is simply one of numerous third-wave feminisms that take an intersectional approach to challenging sexism and oppression. The only thing different about trans feminism is that it extends this feminist analysis to transgender issues, which have been largely overlooked or misinterpreted by feminists in the past."

(Trans Feminism: There’s No Conundrum About It)


"The new Sexual Assault Response Unit, expected to open early this summer, will be staffed by DNA experts who not only process rape kits but also facilitate communication between the Northville lab and trained sexual assault nurses who collect evidence from victims, according to the [Michigan] State Police."

(New State Police unit makes rape kits priority No. 1)


"As a dad myself, I'm only marginally offended. As a human being living in, oh, 2012, I'm baffled. What is this strange Times-y world where households crumble the moment Mom walks out the door and Dad is so flummoxed by the demands of caregiving that he has to lie on the couch until the next set of wired commands comes through?
It's not the world I live in — the one where every day, competent hands-on fathers (married, partnered, single) navigate their children from point to point without mishap. But then it's not the world anyone lives in. With more and more women serving as primary wage-earners and more and more men serving as primary caregivers, it's only logical that the organizing intelligence behind any given household might actually have a Y chromosome."

(Mom, Meet Dad. He Promises He's Not Going To Break The Kids)

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