Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oakland County NOW: Who we are

By Cherie W. Rolfe
Media Committee Chair

Year's end is a time for looking forward and looking back, like the Roman god Janus (left) who lends his name to the month of January.

While combing through our chapter's Gmail account, I found a couple of membership surveys sent out during the first quarter of this year, and then forgotten.

Upon review, a very small and anonymous sampling revealed the following "picture" of our membership:

  • A member of Oakland County NOW is a faithful one. She's been associated with the organization for over 10 years. If she can't attend a meeting or an event, it's due to work commitments or scheduling conflicts.
  • She is a white woman between the ages of 46-75. She identifies as "straight" and is well educated -- almost half of the respondents say they hold master's degrees.
  • She has never been married (39.4 percent) and is child-free with an annual income of $30-50,000.
  • She joined NOW "to support an important cause." Other reasons included "becoming politically active" and "staying informed about women's issues."
  • Prominent among those issues are reproductive rights (85 percent,) followed by Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)/Constitutional equality issues and violence against women.

Based on this very small sample, this is who we are. How do you see yourself in relationship to the makeup of the chapter?

How will this picture change in the coming year and beyond? How do we compare with other surrounding chapters? Interested? So am I. It sounds like I've found a project to work on.

Happy New Year to all.