Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is a person?

What a joyous occasion on Monday! The "Personhood Amendment" in Mississippi was voted down. The amendment stated that life would begin at the moment of fertilization. It would effectively make a fertilized egg a person. This raises all sorts of questions from the practical to the silly. Some of the good ones I found are listed below.

  • Will hormonal birth control be illegalized?
  • Will miscarriages be tried as murder?
  • If the fetus kicks the mother while it's inside the womb, will that be considered assault?
  • Will the mother be able to charge rent?
  • Will a mother be charged with child negligence if she has a glass of wine or eats a shrimp cocktail?
  • Would the zygote have automatic U.S. citizenship? The current law states that people born in the U.S. have citizenship, zygotes haven't been born yet.
As ridiculous as some of these sound, they could pop up in court one day if an amendment like this passes. Do you have any questions that you can think of for this amendment?

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