Monday, November 28, 2011

Kansas Governor, Brownback, Has Feelings Hurt By a Teenager

A teenager, Emma Sullivan, in Kansas went on a field trip to Kansas governor, Sam Brownback's (R) office. She then tweeted: “just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.”
She did not, in actuality, do what she said she did. It was an inside joke among her and her teenage friends. Also a matter of opinion, really.
At the point that she tweeted, she had about sixty followers on twitter. Let me clarify this: about 60 people read her tweet.
And then Governor Brownback's staff, who comb social media outlets for insults against him, called her principal, demanding an apology. The principal of the school called Emma into his office and told her that she had to write a letter of apology.
I guess it's only okay to have free speech when you are a Republican, yes?

Like when Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist.

Or when Sarah Palin called President Obama a liar and terrorist.

No apology was demanded from them. The incident with Ms. Sullivan just shows that Gov. Brownback can not rise above childish insults. Yes, what Ms. Sullivan wrote was childish, but she has risen above the situation with grace and is making a stand for First Amendment rights. This incident has also exposed the practice of using taxpayer money to spy on social media sites.

Way to be mature, Gov. Brownback.

Sullivan: 1
Browndback: 0

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