Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Apparently, the new Twilight movie came out today. I know what you're thinking; "Oh god! Not another Twilight-is-destroying-feminism blog!"
I just want to say that it is perfectly fine to read Twilight. It is even perfectly fine to like Twilight. What is not perfectly fine is to ignore the things that Twilight is teaching to young girls.
I have come across many Twilight fans in the past few years, most of them are related to me. Each of them has asked me why I don't like Twilight. When I explain to them that the books and movies portray an abusive relationship and give the reasons that I believe the relationship is abusive, they shoot me down with "But he loves her!" This line is a classic domestic abuse excuse. It is almost always rationalized in the following way: "It's okay that (my partner) did this to me, because (my partner) loves me!"
No matter how much a person says they love you, it is not okay for them to abuse you. If they love you, they won't do things like that to you. It is not okay for them to do things like:
  • Abandon you in the woods
  • Say that they wanted to kill you
  • Stalk you
  • Tell you who you can see or talk to
  • Threaten to commit suicide unless you do something
Again, I don't think that it is wrong to read and enjoy books like the Twilight Saga. These books are romance novels. Romance novels are fiction. Although Twilight-mania has swept the globe, it doesn't mean that the books are something that you need to base your life on.

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