Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lady Popular

Alright, so you have probably guessed by now that one of the new interns is a huge nerd. I admit it. I (Kari) am. So imagine my surprise when I see a link on one of my favourite blogs that says "Finally, a video game for girls!"
Now I like video games. I'm more of an old school gamer, myself. I enjoy a rousing game of Sonic and Knuckles on my Sega Genesis. I'm not that into the new style (Wii) games. They are fun, mainly for shooting style games.
So, anyway, I clicked on this link and it took me to "Lady Popular." Feeling a bit adventurous, I clicked and played a few levels. It turns out that to level up, all you have to do is buy stuff and go to the club and join a gym. You aren't really playing a game, you are living a virtual life of things that you could do during the day. It's actually really boring stuff.
So I guess my question is this: Why does this insinuate that other video games are not for girls? I'm a girl (or woman, but I was a girl when I started playing video games), and I enjoy House of the Dead and Super Mario Brothers. Why are women given the worst roles/games/characters when it comes to animated computer games?

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