Sunday, September 11, 2011

Women Helping Rebuild

Many blog posts today will be about the tragedy that happened ten years ago. I decided to write a post on rebuilding after the fact.
I was reading news articles about the anniversary of the terrorist attacks when I saw a news video titled The Hammer Girls of Ground Zero. Titling problems aside (none of the ladies are girls per se, and the link title is "chicks with hammers"), I find it refreshing that a news corporation is admitting that women actually partake in construction work and that they are good at it. These women are flourishing in professions that are traditionally male dominated. Josephina, a carpenter, claims that the work environment is "like a locker room..." where Patrice, an electrician, adds that "they [the men] try to test the waters to see what type of woman you are."
Leah, a sheet metal worker, recalls when she first started her job and there were only a handful of women working with her. One of her male coworkers told her that he didn't want her stealing his job and she replied "If I can take your job, you never deserved to have it."

These women are amazing. They own their lives. It's wonderful that they are tearing down the idea that in order to be a construction worker, you have to be a strong, muscular man.

Good job, ladies.

A NOW intern

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