Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modeling Contest Winner Gets Title Taken Away

Too often we hear women criticizing the modeling industry for not showing models who reflect average sizes.

Enter American Apparel and their Next BIG Thing contest. It was a modeling contest for plus sized women. The winner would receive their own photo shoot and new clothes. The winner would be decided by online voters.

Enter Nancy Upton, a size 12 feminist who was offended by the terminology used in the contest's description (booty-ful was just one of the terms used). She decided to enter the contest with pictures of herself sexily posing with food. This was done as mockery, to make fun of the fact that plus size models are never shown with food and that eating is not "sexy."

The crazy thing? Nancy won.

But then American Apparel found out that she had entered as a critique of their contest, rather than a serious contestant. Then they took the prize away.



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