Friday, September 23, 2011

The Problem With Magazine Covers

I'm not going to lie... I'm a Gleek. I adore Glee. So imagine my excitement when I saw Dianna Agron on this month's cover of Cosmopolitan. I was pumped. Then I looked at her body. It looks like they photoshopped her to high heaven.
Photoshopping has been a problem for a long time. On one hand, it can enhance and beautify a picture. On the other hand, you can end up with people whose waists are so tiny that it looks like they'll break in half if you poke them in the shoulder.
Have you seen any pictures that are so obviously photoshopped? Discussion is welcome in the comment section.

A NOW intern.

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Modeling Contest Winner Gets Title Taken Away

Too often we hear women criticizing the modeling industry for not showing models who reflect average sizes.

Enter American Apparel and their Next BIG Thing contest. It was a modeling contest for plus sized women. The winner would receive their own photo shoot and new clothes. The winner would be decided by online voters.

Enter Nancy Upton, a size 12 feminist who was offended by the terminology used in the contest's description (booty-ful was just one of the terms used). She decided to enter the contest with pictures of herself sexily posing with food. This was done as mockery, to make fun of the fact that plus size models are never shown with food and that eating is not "sexy."

The crazy thing? Nancy won.

But then American Apparel found out that she had entered as a critique of their contest, rather than a serious contestant. Then they took the prize away.



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Women Helping Rebuild

Many blog posts today will be about the tragedy that happened ten years ago. I decided to write a post on rebuilding after the fact.
I was reading news articles about the anniversary of the terrorist attacks when I saw a news video titled The Hammer Girls of Ground Zero. Titling problems aside (none of the ladies are girls per se, and the link title is "chicks with hammers"), I find it refreshing that a news corporation is admitting that women actually partake in construction work and that they are good at it. These women are flourishing in professions that are traditionally male dominated. Josephina, a carpenter, claims that the work environment is "like a locker room..." where Patrice, an electrician, adds that "they [the men] try to test the waters to see what type of woman you are."
Leah, a sheet metal worker, recalls when she first started her job and there were only a handful of women working with her. One of her male coworkers told her that he didn't want her stealing his job and she replied "If I can take your job, you never deserved to have it."

These women are amazing. They own their lives. It's wonderful that they are tearing down the idea that in order to be a construction worker, you have to be a strong, muscular man.

Good job, ladies.

A NOW intern

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Politics and... Hairstyles?

I'm the kind of person who loves to talk about politics. I will talk about them from sun up to sun down, just because I find the topic interesting. That being said, I have one question. Why is it that when a woman runs for office, her looks and fashion sense are sometimes hotter topics than her ideologies and values. Take this recent article on Michelle Bachmann. I remember absolutely no talk of what designers the president wears. I don't see Joan Rivers asking Mitt Romney "who" he is wearing. So why women? There were several articles about Sarah Palin's wardrobe and make-up and now Michelle Bachmann's hair.

Don't get me wrong, I love fashion. It's creative and artful and fun, but I think that whether or not a person is trying to take away my right to decide what happens to my body or who I'm allowed to marry is a little more important than what designer they are wearing or whether they use blue-black or ultimate black hair dye.

It seems as though people are trying to distract us by saying "You may not agree with her politics... but look at her shoes!" This will not work. We need to stand firm in our education of politicians and not be swayed by their clothes or fantastic hairstyles. We will not be fooled by the pretty faces, we will listen to what they say and make our decisions based on our intellect and values as well as the politicians that we are comparing them against.

For the people who think otherwise, all I can say is you are dead wrong.

A new NOW intern.