Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pregnancy From Rape and Flat Tires...They're the Same Thing...

Well, according to Rep. Pete DeGraaf they are. In mid-May Kansas legislator approved a ban on insurance coverage for abortions as part of general health plans. The only type of abortion that is covered is one in which case the woman's life is threatened. DeGraaf also wanted to ban abortions of rape pregnancies. When his notion was challenged he responded that women should be prepared for pregnancy from rape just like they're prepared for flat tires. The full article written by Peter Rugg for is here.

Kansas NOW raised $4000 to deliver spare tires to DeGraaf at the capital building, they were stopped by police, but their state coordinator may deliver the tires to his house. I would personally like to mail this man a tire--let him know that women up in Michigan are offended by his remark and want him to have a spare tire from the metro city just in case he ever needs it.

The question I would like to ask DeGraaf is exactly how should women be prepared for rape pregnancy? Wouldn't having the legal option, support, and insurance coverage of an abortion be considered preparation for such a horrifying incident? Thank you DeGraaf for blaming the victim of rape for her trauma and for telling her she should have been more prepared. Heaven forbid the man that rapes the woman is held responsible for his actions. No one would want to experience the violent violation of their body and when they're blamed for it you're hurting them more. Again, I beg the question, how can a woman be prepared for a pregnancy from rape? If DeGraaf has an answer I would very much like to hear it...but as of now he is remaining silent in Kansas, probably hoping everyone forgets what he said.

Katie, Oakland County NOW intern

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