Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bust(ed) Music

About a week ago, I finally received my copy of Bust Magazine. One I thoroughly enjoy reading for its DIY projects, recipes, feminist-friendly product advertisements, and its recommended books, movies, and music. As an admitted music addict (who has no intention of kicking her habit) I am constantly looking and listening for new music to add to my collection. I listen to a little bit of everything and Bust always provides a long list of new stimulating music from various genres and singers. Most of the songs on my iPod are considered “alternative rock.” Lot’s of things define a good song and/or band for me: the two most important things are the lyrics of the songs and the sound of the voice. I have to love both to love the band. Recently, I have been at a lost for most alternative music because there is a lack of diverse voices—I’m mostly disappointed that there still seems to be a lack of woman’s presences in rock music despite the Riot Grrrl movement. I have found Bust to provide many bands with women as the only members or the lead singers, thankfully restoring some of my faith in the alternative rock genre, one which is still ruled my men.

Here is a list of the many artists/albums in the most recent issue of Bust (Jun/Jul 2011). Every issue has the Bust Guide in it with paragraphs of descriptions of the albums.

Jun/Jul Bust Guide

Arctic Monkeys “Suck it and see”

**Art Brut “Brilliant! Tragic!”

Austra “Feel It Break”

***Le Butcherettes “Sin Sin Sin”

I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love Le Butcherettes with their alternative rock sound and frontwoman Teri Gender Bender’s strong swaggery voice. I loved this album so much I purchased it off of iTunes (I’m telling you I’m an addict). My favorite song off the album is “New York.” I get up and dance to it every time it comes up on my playlist. Bust writes, “…they’ve created an album that both lives up to the legend of the live performance and also informs it. Imagine the innovation of the Locust infused into pop songs that clock in past one minute with a frontwoman who doesn’t give a shit if you like her politics…Teri Gender Bender has something to say. You should listen.” (April Wolfe, Bust Jun/Jul 2011, pg. 75).

Bachelorette “Bachelorette”

Beastie Boys “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two”

Cat’s Eyes “Cat’s Eyes”

***Cults “Cults”

I love this album, which was just released on June 7th of this year.

Death Cab For Cutie “Codes and Keys”

Gang Gang Dance “Eye Contact”

***K.D. Lang and The Siss Boom Bang “Sing It Loud”

This album brings me peace. I find the KD Lang’s voice to be relaxing and the lyrics to be relatable. I belt out in song as I listen to this album; it’s hard to pick a favorite song….but I have to go with “A Sleep With No Dreaming.

Sondre Lerche “Sondra Lerche”

Making Friendz “Social Life”

**Metal Mother “Bonfire Diaries”

“I don’t like fluffy music,” says Tara Tati, the woman who records as Metal Mother. I enjoyed this album because of the depth its music held. As described in the linked blog by J. Poet for SOMA magazine, Tati’s music uses different elements much like the Earth, embracing the deep qualities that are within the Earth and all women. My favorite songs from the album are “In The Bones” and “Vices.”

Mia Doi Todd “Cosmic Ocean Ship”

Thurston Moore “Demolished Thoughts”

Planningtorock “W”

Anni Rossi “Heavy Meadow”

Seapony “Go With Me”

Yacht “Shangri-La”

Other bands/albums are advertised:

Girls In Trouble “Half You Half Me”

Moby “Destroyed”

Vetiver “The Errant Charm”

Boniner “Boniner”

Amy Klein “I Know What You Want”

Arron Dean “MPLs”

Explosions In The Sky “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care”

Matthew Cooper “Some days are better than others”

Young Widows “In and Out of Youth and Lightness”

Grails “Deep Politics”

Cass McCombs “Wit’s end”

Austra “Feel It Break”

Wild Beasts “Smother”

Junior Boys “It’s All True”

Katharine Whalen “Madly Love”

The Mountain Goats “All Eternals Deck”

Amor De Días “Street of the Love of Days”

Times New Viking “Dancer Equired”

Destroyer “Kaputt”

The Ladybug Transistor “Clutching Stems”

Telekinesis “12 Desperate Straight Lines”

The Rosebuds “Loud Planes Fly Low”

Bust online has even more albums on their music review page (200+). I haven’t had the chance to look through all of them yet, but I intend on doing so in my free time. Music is a form of expression (like books as discussed in a previous blog) and it’s important for women’s voices to be heard (literally) in song.

~Katie, Oakland County NOW Intern

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