Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun facts about Planned Parenthood in MI

Lately, Planned Parenthood has increasingly been on my mind. Of course, the potential defunding of PP nationwide has got me in a mild state of panic, but on a smaller scale, I'm worried about the state of PP in my own community.

Just the other day, while I was at work (in Auburn Hills), I was confronted by two women who were visiting various businesses in the area and collecting signatures in opposition to the construction of a new Planned Parenthood site in Auburn Hills.

While trying to maintain a modicum of politeness (I was still on the clock) and also get them out of my store as quickly as possible, I bluntly told them, "No, I'm not going to sign that."

Looking a little shocked but not having yet given up on the promise of my signature, they tried to ply me with pamphlets and tell me that, if only I would educate myself a bit on the topic, I might change my mind.

Again, probably a hint ruder than I was aiming for, I shunned their pamphlets and declared that I was quite educated on the topic and would not be changing my mind any time soon.

This was the point at which they brought out the big guns. They pronounced that Planned Parenthood "lures young girls in" to try and force them to have abortions and began some diatribe about murder, before I could cut them off with a firm "NOPE," finally sending them on their way.

As wildly misinformed and downright nuts as many of these people are, they still hold a lot of political sway, and that really has me shaking in my boots lately. I recently discovered that the petition these women wanted me to sign allegedly contains 10,000 signatures and is being presented at a city council meeting tonight. The kicker here is that PP hasn't even announced whether or not abortions will even be offered at this site!

Please stand with Planned Parenthood in your own community. Let your city officials know that you want Planned Parenthood to be a part of your community.

Now for the fun facts I promised:
  • There are currently 28 Planned Parenthood health centers in Michigan
  • Only 4 of these centers actually provide abortions
  • There currently are no Planned Parenthood centers in Oakland County
  • 1 in 5 women will visit a Planned Parenthood in her lifetime
  • Planned Parenthood helps prevent 612,000 unintended pregnancies every year
  • Each year Planned Parenthood provides 1 million pap tests, 830,000 breast exams and nearly 4 million tests and treatments for STIs
  • 3% of all Planned Parenthood services are abortion services
(All statistics taken from


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  1. way to go. you read the chart that they released.